Mariya Story

Mariya was born in 1996. Her parents lived in a Refugee camp in Mugunga. Soon after her birth the war erupted and the refugee camps were bombarded. Her mother died on the spot. Her father escaped death with the new born in hands. They arrived in the Muhungwe Village exhausted. In Muhungwe local peasants welcomed them and provided them with a shelter. War continued to ravage the country. Few months latter the gunmen arrived in Muhungwe Village and kidnapped the father. He was never seen again and he will never come back. He is gone. he is dead. Mariya survived the massacres and she was raised in Muhungwe Village by kindhearted family. Mariya is now 24 years old. She has finished secondary school and would like to continue to higher education and study medicine. Please help us sponsor her access education – Sponsor Refugee Students Funds.