Zambia – Maheba Refugee Camp

The Meheba Refugee Camp was opened in 1971 near the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. —The camp is situated 75 km from Solwezi, the Provincial Headquarters of the North-Western Province.

The camp has been created by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in order to cater for refugees who fled the Angolan Revolution against the Portuguese, the Great Lake war and the revival of conflict in Angola since 1998.

—The settlement covers a vast area of 720 km² and there are more than 15 000 people living in the camp today.

Several Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), among which FORGE (learn more here), are working together in the Meheba camp, in order to provide them education, health and agricultural facilities, so that they could one day come back home, integrate locally or settle in a third country.