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Christian Refugee Council

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: John 1:12 KJV

Who is a Refugee?

Who are refugees? Let’s understand categories of refugees that we help:

1. Refugees by UNCHR: they fled their country and are leaving outside their native countries

2. Economic refugees: Running away from their native country due to economic hardship: Most International Students and New Immigrants are economic refugees. That is why we assist International students and new immigrants.

3. Social Refugees: People who cannot live in their home village because of hatred against them. They prefer to run away from their home villages. Web Dependency fits in this category where people become desocialized and become hooked to internet, social media and digital technologies. They are social refugees. That is why we help them.

4. Political refugees: people who run away from their country fleeing persecution

6. Internally-Displaced-People: People who are living in their country but have run away from their villages or cities due to war or natural disasters.

Our Services

Save Refugees

This program help refugees in globality. We help all the different kinds of refugees not just as defined by UNCHR. We help all Refugees in a Global Vue of the word Refugee.

Provide Scholarships to Refugees

Help Refugees Retrieve their school Documents from Home Country

Empower Refugees through leadership, love, integrity, compassion and generosity.

We Empower Refugees not just through knowledge but also we want them to forgive those who ill-treated them and impart the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Refugee Sponsorship

Refugee Resettlement

Legal Aid

Refugee Integration in Communities

Help Educate

This program puts in place structures that allow refugees and vulnerable people access education

1.The program helps Christians access education in christian schools

2. Build Schools in Refugee Communities

3.Promote Christian Community Libraries

4.Build Christian Schools

5.Educational Empowerment Programs

Medical Aid

This program heps refugees and vulnerable people access basic care.

Building Clinics

Clean Water

Nutrition & Feeding Program

Health Promotion

Hygiene Promotion

Share the Gospel with Refugees

This program helps Refugees access the Word of God.

Building Churches in Refugee Communities

Missionary Works at Refugee Camps

Fellow Followers of Jesus Christ Fellowship

Kings Alpha Christian Education Ministry

Help International Students in Canada

We consider International Students as Economic Refugees. That is why we assist them. They left their countries to learn new skills but at most they want better life and want to resettle in Canada. So we will walk with them along their journey until they settle down and become integrated in canadian communities.

Help with stipends

Help with career search and employer matching

Help with social integration.

Promote Retention of International Students in New Brunswick. They studied in NB and we want students remain in NB when they graduate.

Help New Comers Settle in New Brunswick

New Comers could be new immigrants or could be people on temporary visa or work visa.

This program considers New Immigrants as Economic refugees that is why we assist them. Most of them left their native land in search of better opportunities.

Help with stipends

Help with career search and employer matching

Help with social integration.

Promote Retention of New Immigrants in New Brunswick. They are in NB and we want them remain in NB and have their families settle in NB

Alleviating Poverty and Making Impact in Lives

This program is one of its kind to fight poverty and empower people to be self-sufficient through social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship Support

Shelter Aid

Development Aid

There are two ways you can assist a needy person. When they are hungry you can give them Fish or you can teach them how to Fish. While giving fish is immediate solution, we prioritize teaching to Fish so that people become auto sufficient.

Relief Aid & Emergency Relief

This program intervenes to provide relief aid and emergency aid.

This would happen in case of wars, nature disasters or other disasters.

Christmass Box Gifts destined to Children in Refugee Camps. This will send Gifts at Christamss to Children in Refugee Camps.

Scholarships to Refugee Students

This program helps Refugee Students access education through scholarships.

This program also provides scholarships to vulnerable people to study in Canada.

Web Dependency Rates are Alarming!

This program is unique of its Kind to help social refugees whereby people get hooked to social media and digital technologies including web internet and fail to meet their daily standards following this dependency. It might be a couple failing in their marital life, it might be the kid who cannot have a proper grade at school, etc.

We need to be proactive and starting fighting web dependency.

This program will help people quit web dependency

Skills Development & Employer Matching Services

This program will help Refugees, International Students and New Immigrants access employment in New Brunswick

Promote the Canadian Culture and Canadian Values in Refugee Communities




Did you know that there are thousands of Refugees dying from Hunger every day?


  • By donating to Christian Refugee Council you are saving lives.
  • By sponsoring a Refugee to Resettle to Canada, you are saving lives.
  • By sponsoring a refugee student, you are saving lives.


Our Kings Alpha Ministry and the Fellow Followers of Jesus Christ Fellowship empowers Refugees and Brings Hope. Everything you are doing with us, you are saving lives.